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Now Available – High Frequency Compute and a Brand New Look!


June 10, 2019


It’s hard to believe Vultr was introduced way back in February 2014. Since then, we’ve deployed over 23 million instances in 16 data centers and the Vultr team has worked hard to make worldwide infrastructure management easy for all users – ranging from small developers to large enterprises. Today, we are delighted to reveal our brand new high frequency compute lineup and our new design for!


Introducing the new logo!

While we loved the style of the previous logo, our team was ready for a fresh new look that accurately depicts the enterprise platform Vultr is today. After going back and forth through many iterations, our design team settled on a refreshed look that is more distinctive and easily recognizable in both print and digital formats. We hope you love the updated look as much as we do! Our updated brand assets page makes multiple versions of the updated logo available for download.


More Powerful Compute

We are also excited to share the latest product in our cloud lineup – high frequency compute! Powered by 3+ Ghz processors and blazing fast NVME storage, this newest plan is the highest performance hardware architecture Vultr has ever offered. High Frequency compute powers the most demanding workloads with storage and processing benchmarks that exceed standard compute by up to 40%!

High Frequency compute is initially available in New Jersey and will be available worldwide later this summer! Read more about high frequency compute or deploy an instance today!


Do you like the new logo? Or, did you test our new high frequency compute? Share your thoughts with us on our Twitter or on our contact page!



















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